The PTRI RDD Science Research Specialists hit the AM stations with the PTRI Researches on Natural Dyes, Natural Fabrics and Water Hyacinth.

Last December 2015, Ms. Jeannie Cabansag, Engr. Ronald Pechera and Ms. Evangeline Manalang, Senior Science Research Specialist, and Science Research Specialists II, respectively, hit the AM Bands as the resource speakers in Radyo Agila with Ms. Belle Surara, anchor for "Extra Income" ; Radyo Agila with Mr. Custer Deocaris anchor for "Radyo Siyentista" ; and DWAD with Ms. Cathy Cruz anchor for "Tuklasin Natin" to herald the Institute's leading projects on Natural Dyes, Natural Fabrics and Water Hyacinth as part of the promotions for the January 2016 "Philippine Tropical Fabrics (PTF) Month"and TELA Nation 2016 Events.


Ms. Cabansag, PTRI lead expert on Natural Fibers and Natural Dyes discussed Radyo Agila’s Ms. Belle Surara in the program “Extra Income" the possible entrepreneurship activities on Natural Dyes and Natural Fabrics for the weaving communities nationwide.

Entrepreneurship activities maybe applied by three (3) start-ups. First, the “producers” of the natural dye source are the farmers who would include for example, the abaca, annatto, banana, mahogany, pinya,and tamarind in their fields for future harvest. Back yard farming by textile advocates and enthusiasts are also seen as one of the possible ventures from the grassroots level. Second, are the “processors” or those who would like to turn their harvested natural dye ingredients to powder or liquid employing the processes and training with the PTRI. Lastly, the end-users or the weavers, who use the naturally dyed yarns and fabrics to make their desired finished products. The entrepreneurs may either employ one, two or all of the above in their evolving community and product marketability.

Samples of Natural Dye powders, Starter Kits and Natural Fabrics were brought to the Live Station Interview to showcase the growing body of work for Natural Dyes and Natural Fabrics.

Two weeks after, Ms. Manalang, Science Research Specialist II and OIC of the Chemicals… guested on Radyo Agila’s "Tuklasin Natin" with Ms. Cathy Cruz on the topic on the processes being done in the Natural Dyes and how PTRI leads the transformation from Chemical Dyes to Natural Dyes. Focusing specifically on the effects of Natural Dyes, Ms. Manalang informed the listeners that the naturally dyed yarns and fabrics are relevant to the skin care and respiratory health, especially among infants and children. Natural dyes are not harmful to health compared to chemical or synthetic dyes.

Mr. Pechera, Science Research Specialist II, via phone patch with Radyo Agila’s Mr. Custer Deocaris discussed the topic of Water Hyacinth as Fabric Now in an interview for "Radyo Siyentista" , sharing it's humble beginnings and how PTRI leads it's transformation from water nuisance to fluid fabrics.

Entrepreneurs may start with the on-site gathering and processing of the water hyacinth for it to become the “dry” fiber that the PTRI will degum. The degumming machine removes the impurities in the fiber until it is ready for the spinning, weaving and finishing processes. The Innovation Center for Yarns and Textiles or ICYT is equipped with the modern Spinning, Weaving and Finishing machines and equipment which employ blending, carding, drawing roving, and winding of the water hyacinth yarns. The PTRI and the researchers are on the raod map of integrating with the Local Government Units and Non-Governmental Organizations who are connected to the communities near the bay areas where water hyacinths are abundant and the citizens are zealous about their own growing enterprises. (SMS Bernardo - TIPS)