PTRI Annual Report

This report highlights the accomplishments of the Institute. These accomplishments were made in response to the needs of our clientele, especially in terms of providing S&T solutions that improved the productivity, quality and marketability of the produce of the SME sector. 

Samay Bulletin

Samay Bulletin is a technical and semi-technical publication of Philippine Textile Research Institute. It documents researches and activities on textiles and related fields. 

Gampol: A Compendium of Philippine Dye-Yielding Plants and their Application

gampol cover vol 1     Gampol vol 2 cover

Gampol Volume 1 and Volume 2 are publications of the PTRI-DOST documenting the various botanical sources of natural dyes. It features the developed technologies on the extraction and dye application of the dye sources (Volume 1) and the powder production and utilization technologies (Volume 2). The brief review of the chemistry of natural dyes, industry background, prospects and the other technologies vital in successful dye application are also featured.

Human Face of PTRI S&T Intervention

techno cover

The compilation of the "Human Face of S&T Interventions" brings into focus the kind of empowerment S&T connecting with people, fulfilling hopes and making dreams into realities. 

Kalamata: A Source Book of PTRI Weave Designs

kalamata cover vol 1     kalamata cover vol 2

Kalamata a source book of PTRI weave designs would benefit not only the handloom weaving industry but could entice would-be weavers into engaging or creating their own innovative handloom woven products from indigenous fibers. It could also propel them to be more competitive as they trod the paths toward global competition.

Pretreatment and Dyeing of Indigenous Plant Materials for World Class Products

handbook cover

Handbook on "Pretreatment and Dyeing of Indigenous Plant Materials for World Class Products" is intended for our small and medium enterprises (SMEs) especially the handicraft sector as a standard guide for their products. They can achieve a plethosa of new designs with the proper pretreatment and dyeing methods.