PTRI’s Showroom exudes global youthful exuberance - A Capsule Collection Exhibit in Collaboration with Three (3) Designers and Philippine Tropical Fabrics (PTF) Advocates


The Philippine Textile Research Institute celebrated the annual National Science and Technology Week (NSTW) with the Lab to FAB (Fabric Applications and Beyond) banner.

The celebration included the Special VIP Run of the PTRI Facility Tour capped by the Capsule Collection Exhibit of PTRI with Designers and Philippine Tropical Fabrics (PTF) Advocates: Ms. Jennifer Jean Avellanosa-Dee, Ms. Roan Jean Gregorio and Dr. Vincent Louie Tan.

The exhibit, which is still open, features the PTRI-developed technologies’ application to the Philippine Tropical Fabrics.


Dr. Tan, Ms. Dee and Ms. Gregorio contributed in the conceptualization of the exhibits’ direction, implementation and execution as part of their Philippine textile industry advocacies.


Designers' Credentials:

Jean Avellanosa-Dee

  • Designer
  • Former Chairperson of the Fashion Design Program of De La Salle —   College of Saint Benilde
  • 2015 finalist to the 53rd Japan Fashion Design Contest in Tokyo
  • This year, she is one of the 12 selected participants from Southeast Asia, New Zealand and Australia for Geothe Instut's "Ikat/eCut" Future Fashion Workshop and Fashion Show in Bangkok.
  • And PTRI's most recent and gregarious collaborator for sustainable textiles and natural dyes. 

Roan Gregorio

  • Fashion Design graduate from De La Salle—College of Saint Benilde
  • Faculty member of the Fashion Design and Technology Program of iAcademy
  • 2011 Lee Design Competition during the Philippine Fashion Week
  • Young Entrepreneur and owner of RJAG Apparel Manufacturing

Dr. Vincent Louie Tan

  • Interior Designer
  • Chairperson of the New Interior Design program of De La Salle — College of Saint Benilde
  • Board member of Philippine Institute of Interior Designers
  • A Monbusho Scholar in Kyoto Institute of Technology

The PTFs in the Exhibit are blends of cotton, abaca, cotton-pineapple, water hyacinth and polyester-cotton, were either hand or machine - woven and knitted; naturally-dyed, silk-screen printed and Shibori designed to render the youthful glow the designers envisioned for the collection. Indigenous and natural fabrics are the core ingredients of the PTRI projects to optimize the researches on PTFs and Natural Dyes (NatDyes) which are at-par with the global market in the burgeoning Slow Fashion Movement and Cradle to Cradle Fashion concepts. PTRI is mandated to :

  • Conduct applied research and development for the textile industry sector;
  • Undertake the transfer of completed researches to end-users or via linkage units of other government agencies; and
  • Undertake technical services and provide training programs

18 items from Fabrics to Scarves to Apparel are showcased in customized modular display stands of the PTRI Showroom. The inviting PTRI-Coffee-Shop ambiance is peppered with PTRI publications & NatDyes prototype kits and packages.

These items are:


  • The Leafy Fabric: 

20160801 120341

100% knitted cotton

Naturally dyed with yellow ginger

Silk-Screen printed leaf details using Annatto and Sappan dyes

  • Scarves: 


Brown and Gray with double black edge-bands

White with double black and blue edge-bands

            Material:          100% Polyester: Cotton-Piña (70:30)

            Fabric design: Twill

            Construction:   100% Polyester: Cotton-Piña (70:30)

                                    Ticket 120 x 20Ne

  • Apparel:

Mannequin #1

20160801 115821

Fringe Top: Knitted Commercial Cotton

                    Yellow ginger dyed

                    Designer: Ms. Roan Jean Gregorio

        Skirt:  Handwoven Polyester --- by Bagtason Loom                                       Weavers Association

                   Designer: JC Buendia

Mannequin #2

20160801 115547

Top:  Knitted commercial cotton --- Achuete dyed

Bottom:  Philippine Cotton (Warp)

               Philippine Cotton – Abaca (80:20) (Weft)

               Machine-woven --- Sappan dyed

Designer: Ms. Roan Jean Gregorio

Mannequin #3

20160724 121834

Sleeveless Top: Woven Cotton-Piña (80:20)

             Sappan dyed

Mandarin-collared shirt: Woven Cotton-Piña (80:20)

Wrap-around skirt:  Silk (Warp)

                              Polyester-Water Hyacinth (Weft)

Designer: Ms. Jean Avellanosa-Dee

Mannequin #4

20160801 115457

Sleeveless Sheath Dress: Warp - Talisay-dyed Commercial Cotton

Philippine cotton

Weft - Talisay-dyed Commercial Cotton and Philippne Cotton – Piña (65:35)

Weaving by: Asosasyon ng Manghahabi at Magtatagak ng Nahot sa Cajidiocan

Designer: Ms. Jean Avellanosa-Dee

On the rack designs by Ms. Dee: 

20160801 113449

  1. Shibori Coat: Woven Cotton - Piña (80:20)


Shibori by: Mary-Joan O. Lesaca (PTRI-RDD Designer)

2. Printed Shirt Dress: Knitted Commercial Cotton



3. Haltered-Top: Woven Cotton - Piña (80:20)

20160801 120510

Silk-screen printed with Talisay-leaf details using Talisay yellow & Talisay black dyes

4. Long Sleeves Polo Shirt: 

20160801 115303

Warp - Talisay & Acuete-dyed Commercial Cotton and Greige Philippine Cotton

Weft - Talisay & Acuete-dyed Commercial Cotton and Greige Philippine Cotton and Greige Philippine Cotton- Piña (65:35)

Handweaving by: Bagtason Loom Weavers Association


For scheduled and guided PTRI Facility Tours, kindly call the Technology Transfer, Information and Promotion Staff (TIPS) Team under the Office of the Director (OD) at 02-837 1338 or 02 837 2071 to 82 local 2361, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via Facebook Account: or .

Photos by Mr. Johnny R. Mariano and text by SMS Bernardo --- PTRI - TIPS/OD.