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What are the two modes of R&D cooperation offered by the Research and Development Division (RDD) of PTRI?

1) Open Laboratory Contract, wherein we will allow you or your group to use the facility available in PTRI under a signed agreement. This cooperation will allow you to employ the methodology indicated in your proposal and we will charge you for the utilities, chemicals and supplies used.

2) Joint Research Undertaking (JRU) where we will have input on the overall direction of the research and significantly contribute to the technical soundness of your project. This may mean that we may propose a different methodology and re-define delimitation of your research. We will also require that PTRI will be represented in your advisory committee. Also the ownership of any technology/product developed related to the implementation of the project under the JRU agreement will be shared both by your Academic Institution and PTRI. These clauses will be put in detail in a written document similar to a Memorandum Agreement.
In both proposed modes of cooperation note that you will have to personally conduct the experiments in PTRI’s laboratory following PTRI’s laboratory rules and regulation. Thus, it will entail that you will allocate laboratory time to conduct all the set activities. PTRI is equipped with a laboratory which also use for its own R & D activities.

Can we conduct our experiments in your laboratory?

We assist students in the conduct of their textile related experimental activities researches subject to the provisions of an Open Laboratory Contract or Joint Research Undertaking.