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The Department of Science and Technology - Philippine Textile Research Institute (DOST-PTRI) strengthens the local natural fiber processing research and development capacity by building four (4) various R&D facilities inside the DOST compound in Bicutan, Taguig City.

A groundbreaking ceremony was conducted on April 4, 2022 to introduce the four (4) DOST-PTRI strategic facilities, namely the Nonwoven Textile Innovation Facility, Natural Textile Fiber Pretreatment Innovation Facility, Regenerated Cellulose Material Innovation Facility, and Textile Biopolymer Innovation Facility. This expansion will complement the ongoing initiative to weave together DOST-PTRI's competence in natural fiber science and engineering for textiles and allied application.

Below are the details of the facilities to be established:  

1. Nonwoven Textile Innovation Facility - It will house the Institute's needle-punching nonwoven production line and a laboratory to develop nonwoven finishes/treatments for various end-use (i.e. wearable, industrial, and automotive applications). It is also envisioned to support the scope expansion toward wet-laid and melt-blown nonwoven technologies for more comprehensive applications. 

2. Natural Textile Fiber Pretreatment Facility - It will house the Institute's consolidated textile fiber pretreatment line that supports the innovations in yarns, textiles, and other fiber needs of the different strategic facilities of DOST-PTRI. It will enable the generation of cost-effective pretreated fibers using sustainable and cutting-edge approaches.  

3. Cellulose Regeneration Innovation Facility - It will house a cellulose regeneration line that will be wet-spun into cellulose filaments and staples for textile applications. It will also work on further functionalizing regenerated cellulose for enhanced properties, and performance. 

4. Textile Biopolymer R&D Facility - It is dedicated to utilizing agricultural by-products to produce polymeric starting materials for textile applications. It will also include improving existing materials with woven, knitted, and nonwoven textiles applications.

 There will be two (2) phases of construction and renovation of the facilities. The first phase will cover the repair and renovation of the Nonwoven and Fiber Pretreatment Facilities, while the proposed second phase will be for the Cellulose Regeneration and Textile Biopolymers Facilities. Through this expansion, various initiatives and developments in the process of diversification of natural textile fibers will be supported.

DOST Assistant Secretary for Administration and Legal Affairs Dr. Teodoro M. Gatchalian, DOST Assistant Secretary for Human Resources and Management, Management Services, and Special Concerns Dr. Diana L. Ignacio, attended the groundbreaking ceremony headed by DOST-PTRI Director Celia B. Elumba, and representatives from DOST-PCIEERD. Various partner MSMEs such as Creative Definitions, Fivecent Global Corporation, Ongpeng-Santos Construction Corporation, and Primebuilt Construction also witnessed the event. 

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