Basic Handloom Weaving


Description: Dressing and operating a handloom using different materials such as abaca, pineapple, buntal, raffia and other commercially available yarns for the prodction of handwoven fabric.

Duration: Five (5) days

Advanced Handloom Weaving


Description: Analysis and execution of different weave designs in a handloom with a maximum of 8 harnesses.

Duration: Five (5) days

Silk Handloom Weaving

Description: Weaving using the delicate silk filaments

Duration: Ten (10) days

Remarks: For regional interventions, technology transfer at no cost to the proponent/beneficiary except that proponent shoulders the food and accommodation of the trainers and the required materials for weaving.

Pinukpok Fabric Production

Description: The technology involves weaving of abaca, pineapple and other indigenous fibers in pure state or in combination with other fibers to a predetermined fabric construction, followed by chemical treatment and repeated mechanical softening by pressing thus imparting to the fabric the desired supple and compact appearance.  The use of a rotary press for the purpose assuresfaster and more efficient quality control of the finished material than the traditional normal hammering process using the wooden mallet.

Duration: One (1) day

Remarks: Fabrication of the rotary press c/o MIRDC

Dobby Loom Weaving

Description: Analysis and execution of weave designs using a loom with a man.

Duration: One (1) day

Remarks: Fabrication of the rotary press c/o MIRDC