Potential applications:Bio-medical textiles; tissue engineering; structural, industrial and manufacturing uses (i.e., filters, home furnishings, construction materials; interior design materials; automotive lining).

Project #1: Electrospun Cellulose Acetate Nanofiber Membrane from Banana Fibers as Dermal Delivery System of Bioactive Molecules

To produce electospun nanofiber containing bioactive components for wound treatment and cosmetic applications.
1) To optimize the electrospinning conditions for producing banana CA nanofiber containing collagen and Chlorhexidine components;
2) To characterize the physico-mechanical properties of the nonwoven nanofiber membrane;
3) To determine the leaching behavior of collagen and Chlorhexidine in different liquid media, dermal reaction of the electrospun material and antimicrobial property.

Expected Output:

  • Optimized process for the electrospinning of banana CA membrane and incorporation of bioactive molecules
  • Prototype electrospun banana CA containing bioactive compounds