The Philippine Textile Research Institute (DOST-PTRI) is launching the 2022 Philippine Textile Congress, a platform for researchers, students, creatives, industry partners, and textile experts to converge, converse and collaborate to spur innovation in Philippine textiles. With the theme "Intertwining the Philippine Textile Innovation Ecosystem," the Congress brings together stakeholders that define and shape the Philippine Textile Research and Innovation Network. The Congress has three Main Events - the Textile Research Colloquium, Fashion Design Exhibition, and the Textile Innovation Dialogues. From November 8 to 24, 2022, the Philippine Textile Congress will spark a fresh new take on the multi-faceted Philippine textiles as a driver for an inclusive, creative and sustainable textile industry.


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The Opening Ceremony will be graced by Sec. Renato U. Solidum Jr., Secretary of the Department of Science and Technology, National Scientist Dr. Lourdes J. Cruz, The Honorable Senator Francis N. Tolentino, and The Honorable Representative Christopher “Toff” de Venecia.

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The Opening Ceremonies will be followed by the Opening Plenary Session with the Keynote Lecture of Undersecretary Dr. Rafaelita M. Aldaba of the Department of Trade and Industry, Philippines.


The Congress is a prelude to DOST-PTRI’s participation in the National Science and Technology Week celebration with the theme "Agham at Teknolohiya: Kabalikat sa Maunlad at Matatag na Kinabukasan.” by the end of November.


The Textile Research Colloquium is a virtual conference of researchers from the Philippines and abroad, which presents different topics and research breakthroughs in the various intersecting disciplines in textiles research, development, and innovation. The Textile Research Colloquium is a venue for academic discussion and conversations on science-based and science-driven interventions to the industry. 


The ten (10) Philippine Textile Research Colloquium sessions will be chaired by textile innovators in the academia, government, and the industry:

1.Session 1-Textile Science and Engineering (ENG) - Topics on textile fiber making include spinning, weaving, knitting, non-woven production, dyeing, and finishing

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2. Session 2- Textiles in High-Performance Applications (HPA) - Topics on nanofibers and high-performance fiber-based composite materials engineered for specific applications

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3. Session 3-Textiles in Nonwoven Innovations (NWI) - Topics on drylaid, wetlaid, and spunlaid nonwoven textiles, materials, processing, and application including electrospinning studies for health and industrial applications

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4. Session 4- Textiles in Smart and Intelligent Applications (SMI) - Topics on recent innovations in textile finishing for smart and functional applications

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5. Session 5-Textile and Apparel Science and Design (DSG) - Topics on innovations in garment production, process manufacturing (3D scanner, cutting, sewing) and computer design and manufacture, and product development strategies for technical textiles

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6. Session 6-Textile Product Testing and Comfort (TST) - Topics on the latest standards, testing, and analysis for the comfort index of textiles in various applications

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7. Session 7-Textiles and Industry 4.0 (IND) - Topics on the latest trends and innovations for computer-assisted simulation studies in textiles and designs

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8. Session 8-Textile Machinery and Processes (MCH) - Topics include innovations in machinery for fiber, yarns, and textile production and processes

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9. Session 9-Textiles and the Humanities (HUM) - Topics may include gender, psycho-social, anthropological and historical studies including textile conservation and curation. It may also include policy, intellectual property, trade, and industry and development studies.

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10. Session 10- Textiles and Our Sustainable Future (STB) - Topics on resource management and green processing and technologies for yarn and textile production, life cycle analysis, circularity, eco-labeling, and industrial water and wastewater treatment for textiles.

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      CPD units for participants of the Philippine Textile Congress

The Closing Ceremonies will feature two special lectures on Natural Dyes. A poster presentation of selected textile researches will also be featured in the Poster Session that runs all throughout the duration of the  Congress.

The Philippine Textile Congress (PTC) is an accredited provider of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) units. Through this event,  Chemists and Chemical Technicians may earn a maximum of 30 CPD units, and Chemical Engineers may earn a maximum of 20 CPD units through participation.  The PTC is also officially endorsed by the Commission on Higher Education.


The Philippine Fashion Design Exhibition will showcase the talent of our young homegrown fashion and garment student designers and enthusiasts. Students of fashion design and clothing technology from participating institutions are provided the platform to display garments exhibiting their creativity and incorporating natural textile fiber-based textiles and Philippine natural dyes. The event will serve as a main stakeholders engagement between garments/textiles students and the forerunners of Filipino fashion design and garments. Activities such as fashion exhibition curation, creative and technical design consultancy, and textiles sub-cluster networking are aligned with the Congress’s program objectives. The exhibition will be held at the DOST-PTRI TELA Gallery in Bicutan, Taguig City from 10-24 November 2022.


The Philippine Textile Innovation Dialogues are focused dialogues with and among the key players of the textile sector: academic institutions specializing in textile research and allied fields, textile and allied textile manufacturers and industry associations, government institutions, and other strategies stakeholders. The Dialogues will foster inter-sectoral alignment and synergy through an exchange of ideas on innovation, real concerns and opportunities of a partner/sector and the future of the Philippine textile industry, as a whole. The Innovation Dialogues jumpstart conversations in institutional development, strategic and technical cooperation, and partnerships for the goals.

To view the 2022 Philippine Textile Congress Programme from November 8-24, 2022, click here.

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