DOST-Philippine Textile Research Institute Inked an Agreement with Bayo to Support Cordillera Weavers

Technology Transfer, Information and Promotions Staff

The DOST-Philippine Textile Research Institute (DOST-PTRI) and the Bayo Foundation Inc. had just partnered to implement a project under the Digitalization of the Philippine Handloom Weaving Industry Program.

Under the Memorandum of Agreement, the parties will work together to capacitate the weavers in Cordillera on digital weave design by providing relevant training and access to design software. With access to digital technologies, weave design development will be shorter and can minimize waste generation. This will be made possible by establishing the Regional Textile Digitalization Hub CAR in HARVEST CommUNITY Hub - a physical space in Baguio’s Botanical Garden that connects designers, makers, communities, and creatives involved in handloom weaving, among others.


Bayo Foundation, Inc. Anna Lagon delivering her special message during the MOA Signing

“This digitalization [program] is in support of the weaving communities that we have in the Philippines. We are privileged to take on this project. We will be having this facility available first in the North, which has the highest population of weavers. The aim of this agreement is to preserve the patterns that are beginning to die down because of several reasons. We are here to partner with the DOST-PTRI to ensure that the culture of handloom weaving, together with its patterns, will be preserved and developed eventually to have a deeper meaning not only in the communities but also in the entire Philippines.,” said by Bayo Foundation Inc., President Anna Marie Lagon.



Bayo Foundation, Inc. Atty. Leo Lagon and Anna Lagon and DOST-PTRI Dr. Julius L. Leano, Jr. and Ms. Jenneli E. Caya during the MOA Signing

The MOA signing held on 26 November 2022 formed part of the KatHABI Fashion Innovation Event and was attended by Bayo Foundation Inc. Atty. Leo Lagon, Ms. Anna Lagon, DOST-PTRI Dr. Julius L. Leano, Jr., and Ms. Jenneli E. Caya.



Digitalization Program Framework

DOST-PTRI Digitalization Program is a three-component program implemented by the Institute to protect and sustain Philippine handloom weaving. One project will develop and roll out a digital registry system of weaves across the country where weavers can register their designs for traceability. The second project is digitizing existing weave patterns in the country to ensure that these original designs are appropriately documented and stored in a secure platform.  The third project will address the challenges of counterfeiting that adversely affects the industry, by employing technologies that can authenticate handwoven fabrics produced in the country.

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